Sim Genie

Privacy Policy

Sim Genie minimizes the amount of data it collects about you, only collecting the bare minimum needed to operate.

A) Identifiable Data:

Sim Genie doesn't track or capture any personally identifiable information about you during normal usage. There are only two cases where Sim Genie will have access to personally identifiable information:

  1. When you purchase the app your email is gathered as part of the process. The email address is only sent to Paddle, the vendor that I use to manage in-app purchases, who manages a list of customers who purchased from me.
  2. If you send in a crash report you'll be asked if you'd like to include your email so I can reach out as needed. If you agree, your address gets embedded in the email message that gets generated and sent directly to me about the crash. It is not persisted via any third party service.
B) Anonymous / Pseudonymous Data:

The website uses Fathom, a privacy-focused site analytics tool, to monitor the traffic to the site. I'd engourage you to read more about Fathom's great approach to anonymous analytics here. In addition, I use Amazon Cloudfront for caching and I include Paddle's JavaScript library on the site (used so you can purchase via the site); they'll have access to your IP address.

The app itself only phones home to check for updates, and when it does so I'm not including any additional information about your machine as part of the request. The request goes directly to my servers and includes the same stuff that is logged if you visited the web site in a browser.

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