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Xcode’s simulator can do so much more

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Introducing Sim Genie

Unlock the simulator’s hidden power-ups

Xcode’s simulator is a powerful tool able to do so much more than just Build & Run … if you know its secrets. Sim Genie lives in your Mac's menu bar granting you access to a treasure trove of productivity-boosters you probably didn't think were possible.

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Requires macOS 10.14. Some features require Xcode 11.4+.
Not ready for the Big Sur icon? You can grab the pre-Big Sur variant.

Advanced GPS Simulation

Draw a path on the map for Sim Genie to generate location data for you (or load routes from GPX files).

With customizable playback options you can control the speed of playback and more.

Locations simulation

At Your Command

Trigger the last Sim Genie action you took (like opening a deep link) with Sim Genie’s Quick Repeat hotkey, making debugging a breeze.

(Oh, and of course there’s another hotkey you can set to delete derived data. Because, Xcode.)

Apple Magic Keyboard

Record the Sim

Grab marketing-ready screen recordings right from the simulator.

Plus you can one-click restore an app's data from a snapshot you saved off instead of having to re-create staged marketing data every time.

Skip quicktime and the lightning cable

Look Your Best

Of course, marketing videos and screenshots wouldn’t be complete without that perfect status bar. Apply status bars without adding custom code, or needing real hardware.

Need a bunch of profile pictures for those shots? Automatically import high-quality photos from Unsplash with just one click.

Status bar preferences

Open Sesame

Debug how your app responds to push notifications earlier in development, without deploying to device or setting up a push server.

Make sure your deep links aren’t breaking the app’s state; trigger them at any time to ensure your app responds nicely.

Push notification options

Keeps up with You

We don't live on just one version of Xcode anymore; nowadays we're getting betas year-round #betaLife.

Unlike many other third-party tools, Sim Genie automatically detects when you change toolsets via Xcode-select and switches immediately.

Many xcode versions

And more…

Testing Snapshots

Save snapshots of annoying-to-recreate local test data so you can quickly re-test that same state later.

Toggle Permissions

Revoke or reset permissions within the simulator without having to dig in the Settings app or reset the sim.

Jump Into the Sandbox

Open an app’s sandbox quickly to test things like deleting the cache / tmp folders, or editing the values in UserDefaults.

“Sim Genie is a master class of product design. Bravo on making something that's not only insanely useful but brilliantly executed.”

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“Sim Genie is one of those utilities I didn’t realize I needed until I used it. Now I can’t live without it.”

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Joe C.
Indie Developer

“Sim Genie closes the gap between how we actually use Xcode Simulator and how Apple thinks we do.”

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