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Sim Genie will hide the simulators you're not likely to use (not running and no apps installed). Hold the Option key when the menu is open and it will show all simulators.

If Sim Genie is showing the entirely wrong set of simulators, know that Sim Genie uses Xcode's toolset to interact with the simulator and when a simulator is created it belongs to a given toolset (Xcode version). Head into Sim Genie's preference to change which Xcode it should use, which will change which devices you see.

I've got you covered! You can download the Catalina icon set and apply it (and here is the Big Sur icon set if you need to restore).

Unzip either one of these zips, then select Sim Genie from your Applications folder in the Finder and get info on it (cmd+I). Drag the icon set over top of the current one in the top left. That's it!

A note: the icons will get reset anytime an app update is applied to Sim Genie, so you'll have to re-apply them after an update.

Sim Genie relies on Xcode's simulator command line tool to work with the sim. That means that if you're using an older version of Xcode that doesn't support a given command (ex: sending a push notification was added in Xcode 11.4) it will be disabled until you switch to a newer Xcode.

Sim Genie does the same thing macOS does by default with its screencapture: save to the desktop. You can edit this in preferences.

You may unlock Sim Genie on 2 machines with a standard license.

Always happy to help you out if you move to a new machine and forget to de-activate the old machine first (really, who remembers to do that?). Just send an email to with either your order number or email address you used to purchse so I can look up your order.

To make sure you'll love Sim Genie, it includes a fully-featured 7-day free trial when you download it. If however after purchase you decide Sim Genie is not right for you, Sim Genie offers a 30-day return guarantee. When getting in touch, you'll need to include either your order number, the email used to purchase, or the license key.

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